May 5, 2012



    Rory , a young boy , cares for his aging granda . he takes on the responsibility in doing so without any complaints or qualms . Rory ensures that his granda has his meals and takes his medication on time . He is even willing to put aside his own interest like joining the school football team . Granda is becoming senile and tends to be forgetful . Rory rushes to the bakery immediately after school . He gets pies from the bakery as lunch for Granda ,

   Granda has thrown Rory's homework jotter down the rubbish chute but Rory does not blame Granda or gets angry . As a young boy , Rory exhibits great understanding and patience in handling his aging grandfather .

   Taking care of the eldery is never an easy task . Rory is a courageous boy who not only takes care his granda , but also emotionally as well as physiological needs . 


   Blood is thicker than water . Family will sick by us through thick and thin . Rory examplifies that quality throughout the novel . He never once thinks of abandoning his Granda when the going gets tough . They lose their home because Granda leaves the chip pan on the stove .  Rory does not blame his granda over the accident . He knows that Granda is suffering from memory loss . 

   When Rory sees that Granda is dying on the inside at Rachnadar , he plans the escape . Moreover , he does not want to be separated from his grandfather . Granda suggests to Rory to run when the police block the entrance to the caravan park . However , Rory insists on staying by his granda's side . Rory is the epitome of what the younger generation should do for the older generation . 


   Rory and Granda are aided by scores of people during their escape from the authorities . These people try to intervene and help Rory and Granda escape because they perceive that Rory and Granda deserve better treatment from the authorities . After all , they are harmless . Unlike criminals . At the beginning of their journey , Rory and Granda were assisted by Darren who gave them to his Mother caravan . Along the way , the two of them also meets people who were willing to help them even tough they were strangers . 


   Life has been challenging for Rory . He has to take care of his granda who is suffering from memory loss . Rory perseveres through life difficulties . He does not complain or finds his granda to be a burden . Instead , Rory sees it to be the natural thing to do . His granda has taken care of him and now that he is ill , Rory feels that he should take care of Granda . His granda is all he has and vice versa . Therefore , they both feel that they should not be separated . The most difficult time for Rory and Granda is when they have to live apart . Rory in Castle Street and Granda in Rachnadar . 

   In Castle Street , Rory lives in fear because of Tess . She has threatened to kill him . Rory keeps this fear away from his Granda . He does not want Granda to worry . He perseveres through this difficult time of separation from Granda who is viewed to be unfit to take care of his grandson . Granda also suffers when he is in Rachnadar . He is treated like a baby and has lost all his zest for life . Seeing his granda's condition , Rory plans the Great Escape . 


   Granda's admission to the old folks's home in Rachnadar illustrates the society's biased decision against senior citizens like him . They are neither consulted nor given the opportunity to decide on such important matters . The authorities were willing to separate Rory from Granda just because they felt that it was in their best interest . However , at the end of the novel , the authorities allowed Rory and Granda to stay together in a flat . providing them with home help and care workers for support . 

notakaki : ni ku amik dari buku buku rujukan . harap kamu semua berpuas hati dengan pencarian THEMES novel CATCH US IF YOU CAN . :)


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