September 15, 2013

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Issue now : Too many unemployed graduate . Why ? 


Foreign workers is also one of the factors that lead to graduates still unemployed. According to a study that was done almost 1.8 million foreign workers who come to work in Malaysia, including Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, and Vietnam to make a living here. They said Malaysia was an appropriate place to make a living. This is because the higher value of the Malaysian currency of their own country. They are capable of working for 10 years in Malaysia and able to open their own business in their country. In addition, migrant workers usually do not choose to work at any rate even building laborers.

Why they are willing to come to Malaysia just want to work here?
They are willing to come here because they want to find work. This is because in their country is very difficult finding a job and salary they receive is little to support their living. However, when in Malaysia, although the salary received little, if compared with their currency, the Malaysian money more expensive than their country. That is why they are willing to come here even just to work hard.

What is the price of foreign exchange for India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Indonesia if RM1?
       Ø  18.82 Indian Rupee – India
       Ø 30.11 Nepalese Rupee – Nepal
       Ø 6438.88 Vietnamese Dong – Vietnam
       Ø 3169.54 Indonesian Rupee – Indonesia
       Ø 23.79 Bangladesh Taka – Bangladesh

What causes easily foreign workers employed workers ?
The company responsible for the hiring want a fast and a lot of operating profit. This is because the workers did not complain to them a small salary.

What jobs are commonly employed are migrant workers?
      Ø Farming
      Ø Manufacturing
      Ø Maid
This is a critical sectors in Malaysia

How foreign workers into Malaysia?
     Ø most of them are abusing the visitor's pass.
     Ø Some are in with a valid permit
     Ø there is also an entry into Malaysia illegally by syndicates.

What impact that would occur if more and more foreign workers in our country?
     Ø Unemployement occurred more
o   the status of unemployed graduates is rampant and cause Malaysia could not produce great generations in various fields
     Ø Issuance of foreign currency
o   Malaysian losses outflow of foreign currency more
     Ø Malaysians will be slacker for not working
o   Malaysians being lazy to work and lead their own can not change the fate of a poor family and could not afford. Moreover, they are willing to hire foreign workers to take care of business so that they can relax without having to work hard.
     Ø Rampant crime
o   such as robbery, theft, rape, and fighting

What steps we can do so that foreign workers are not prevalent in our country?
In conclusion, although we are not able to control the inflow of immigrants, but a firm and wise action to be taken by the government to deal with the influx of foreigners such as
      Ø tightened control in areas that often bring in foreigners like the rivers
      Ø always perform checks on local businesses that employ foreign workers

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