August 9, 2013


Question :

     write on the lesson learnt and how they are shown by the charactes in the novel that you have read

Answer :

     The novel that I have learnt in Form Five is 'Catch Us If You Can' by Chaterine Macphail. The novel is about the troubles Rory and Granda had to endure in their escape feat from their hometown to Liverpool. Both Rory and Granda had been staying together and looking after one another. The conflict happened when they had to be separated : Rory was to be placed in a children's home and Granda in an old folks' after a fire in their flat. They started an escape adventure that took them through the countryside and small towns and became headline news. At the end of the story , they ended up in Liverpool when they were reunited with Rory's father and his family.
     One of the lessons learnt from the novel is care and love among family members must be nurtured and not taken for granted, This is shown whern Rory and Granda made the effort to take care of one another and were determined to stay together free from the control of the social system. This determination made them willing to face dangers and discomforts on their journey of a lifetime. They suceeded in staying free until they reached Liverpool where they had a happy ending.

     Another lesson learnt is that there are strangers who are kind and are willing to lend a hand when needed . They do not expect anything in return. This is shown by the minor characters in the novel ( Sammy and his family ) who helped them without any hidden motive. Rory and Granda appreciated their help given in the right spirit. There should not be any generation gap though family members may be from two different generations ( for example , the relationship between a grandson and a grandfather). Anyone of any age should be able to get along fine with a bit of effort.

     In a nutshell , Rory, Granda , and Sammy and his family have shown some interesting moral lessons which can be adapted to in one's everyday life

Notakaki : Don't ask me anything . I just 'godek-godek' my notebook last year when I'm 17 years old . >.<

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