September 3, 2012


1. Resolves to run off with his grandfather to keep them together .

  • Determined to take his granda out from Rachnadar 
  • Rory puts his plan into action 
  • Goes to the hospital through the emergency exit and collects granda's belongings
  • escapes successfully with his granda which he calls ' The Great Escape ' from Rachnadar
Evidences to show that he is determined to be together with his granda

2. Goes to many places and country to run off from police 
  • asks Darren who gives him the spare key to Darren's mother caravan
  • Decides to get off the train at Perth when he notices a woman observing them
  • steals a car to  get their destination
Evidence to show he is willing to face aby obstacles to be together all the time 

3. Tries to wake Granda up
  • calls out loudly , hoping someone will hear him 
  • runs shouting for help
  • someone helps him 
Shows his determination to do anything for his granda 

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